Star Spotting: Ke$ha Really IS Crazy Beautiful! (PHOTO)

Ke$ha looks crazy beautiful AND she's writing a book about her crazy beautiful life. See the correlation?

Remember waaay back when Ke$ha was into bedazzling and slapping on glow-in-the-dark paint like it was her job (even though it was her job)? OK, that might have been this year, but apparently K-dollar-sign-ha has been embracing less DIY facial arts and crafts and more of her naturally stunning side. Like, honestly? We dropped two major "WOWZAS!" when we saw her latest leather garb for her "Die Young" video and the goddess-like cover art for the single, and now we're dropping a third because of this flawless GPOY. Ke$ha's new look is our drug!

The Warrior singer snapped a photo of herself looking MEGA GORG and shared it on Twitter along with the Animal-appropriate caption, "meow." And in case lately you've been thinking, "I'd really like to know every detail of Ke$ha's very unique experience about becoming a one-of-a-kind pop star," well, go play the lottery, because you're in luck! Ke$ha just announced she's releasing an illustrated memoir called "My Crazy Beautiful Life" -- which is utterly uncanny, because she looks CRAZY BEAUTIFUL in this photo. We can't wait to pick up a copy of the book in hopes that it divulges the many deep and personal mysteries of our fave pop singer -- like why does she like putting beards in her mouth?! WHYYYYY!?

Photo credit: @keshasuxxx