Buzzworthy Obsession: William Beckett, 'Stuck In Love,' Featuring Ryan Ross

William Beckett's got your new breakup anthem right here. It's called "Stuck In Love."

Late pass alert! William Beckett's Ryan Ross-assisted "Stuck In Love" has been out more than a week, and we're not exactly sure how we slept on it! (Though we do really love napping... but it's NO excuse!) Better late than never right? Right, because the important thing is we've listened to this song so many times that we might as well have heard it last week.

Listen to William Beckett's "Stuck In Love," featuring Ryan Ross after the jump.

Slated to appear on his upcoming EP, What Will Be, the ex-The Academy Is frontman gets together with ex-Panic! At The Disco's Ryan Ross (it's like an ex party!) to sing about the awful crap everyone goes through during a breakup: "Stuck in love with you/Take a look at what you got me into/The paralyzing truth/Is living even one minute without you/Is a moment I'd rather not have to live to see."

Unlike William Beckett's sunnier, more pop-centric "Compromising Me," "Stuck In Love" is an electrified, elastic rock song that wouldn't be out of place in The Killers' catalog. Or The Faint's, for that matter. It seethes with regret and resentment, which is fine with us considering we've been on the hunt for an angrier breakup anthem! Because when you're really pissed, Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" just might not cut it.

+ Listen to William Beckett's "Stuck In Love," featuring Ryan Ross.

Photo credit:YIKE Records