The Buzz On: Krissy Krissy

Get to know Brooklyn songstress Krissy Krissy.

Internet friends! (Because we're all friends here, right?) Meet Krissy Krissy. She's the baby girl out of a family of six (!) who started singing in church (PREACH! CHUUUCH!) as a little tyke. Now, the 23-year-old vocal powerhouse, who landed a featured spot on mtvU's "The Freshman," just dropped her Above All EP, featuring the debut single "Dream," and then followed it up with "Suspicious." Now that's what we call a grind.

Listen to Krissy Krissy after the jump.

In case you weren't sufficiently impressed, every song on Above All was cowritten by Krissy Krissy. Tracks like "Broken Glass" showcase Krissy's sultry vocals (we're feeling some Mary J. Blige soul vibes mixed with some Natasha Bedingfield flair and even a little Mary Mary gospel realness), while her scrappy "Suspicious" video proves that she go all Carrie Underwood on anyone who mistreats her. Perhaps most important, Krissy's song "Dream" shines a light on her dream of making it big some day -- wait, actually, more like making it big right now.

 + Listen to Krissy Krissy and watch her "Suspicious" video.

Photo credit: Bigger Than Buildings