New Song: Eve, 'She Bad Bad'

Eve's back, and she's badder than ever.

Eve, girl, WE'VE MISSED YOU! It's been a minute since you've been around (10 years since your last album??), but we've persevered by rocking ourselves to sleep by listening to "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" on repeat in the meantime. (What? It's soothing!) So, SERIOUSLY, thank you for dropping "She Bad Bad," from your upcoming Lip Lock album, right in our laps.

Listen to Eve's "She Bad Bad" after the jump. 

Produced by Jukebox (Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair,") "She Bad Bad" is a rather interesting choice for Eve's reentry into the game. Set to a sparse and rather aggro beat, the track is laced with tribal chants and grunts leaving ample room for Eve to spit some rhymes about her comeback: "Now I’m back/Forget about them other chicks/Man, you won’t miss them/Yeah, E-V-E hungry like a lion… Your gimmick make me sick/What you sellin’, I ain’t buyin’."

Curious about that new Eve sound? Eve's aware: "I wanted to really take what people loved of me and fell in love with in the beginning, with the Ruff Ryders and all of them, and combine it with where I am now," Eve told Time. We're totally into that. (But we also wouldn't mind a little “Who’s That Girl?”/ "Tambourine"-style Eve on that new album. Because we fear change.)

+ Listen to Eve's "She Bad Bad." 

Photo credit: Blondie Rockwell Inc