New Song: Bayside, 'Be My Baby'

Listen to Bayside cover The Ronettes' classic track, "Be My Baby."

We've been straight-up suckers for punk covers ever since bringing Me First & the Gimme Gimmes tapes home from summer camp back in, um, a year ending in "9." The latest band to take on the venerable tradition is Queens-based quartet Bayside, who have just released an enthusiastic take on The Ronettes' 1963 mega-jam "Be My Baby."

Though Bayside pay homage to the original track by keeping its iconic drum intro, the pace picks up considerably as a set of punk-tinged electric chords charge in. Instead of writer/producer/probable crazy person Phil Spector's beloved Wall of Sound style, we get a wall of Marshall stacks and the octopus-armed drumming of Chris Guglielmo. Somewhere, Weezer is bummed they didn't think of this first.

Listen to Bayside's "Be My Baby" cover after the jump.

The hit's "Whoa-oh-oh-ohs" work just as well at punk velocity, and we can't wait to hear the band's spin on a handful of golden oldies: the group's "Covers - Volume 1" EP, out Oct. 23, will also include classics from Elvis Costello, Del Shannon, Van Morrison, and even Billy Joel, who deserves a whole punk tribute box set. There's still time, Rivers! "Covers" is due on the band's own Gumshoe Records, so make sure you help Bayside keep it D.I.Y. (and get going "Volume 2").

+ Listen to Bayside's "Be My Baby" cover.

Photo credit: Bayside's Facebook