Video Premiere: Sleeping With Sirens, 'Roger Rabbit'

Watch Sleeping With Sirens' new video for "Roger Rabbit."

It really doesn't get much more romantic than taking a trip to the beach with a crew of band dudes. Magic is in the air in Sleeping with Sirens' "Roger Rabbit," a video that's seemingly more about hitting the water than chilling with 6-foot cartoon bunnies. An adorable real-life bulldog does join the band for their end-of-summer vacation, tagging along as the group runs through a series of warm-weather tasks: boating, stone-skipping, hand-holding, and music-making, then finally busting out an acoustic guitar to sing as the sun goes down. The track matches R&B-influenced verses (we kept waiting for Timbaland to pop out from behind a sand dune with an "Uh-huh") before surrendering to a strummy, campfire-ready chorus.

Watch Sleeping With Sirens' "Roger Rabbit" video after the jump.

Showcasing the punk act's softer side, "Roger Rabbit" appears on the band's new If You Were a Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack, which dropped this summer on Rise Records. The absence of electric guitars leaves more room for Kellin Quinn's lyrics, which turn toward fixing a relationship by starting with yourself: "Don't point the blame when you can't find nothing," he sings. "It's time that we sort it out, all of the things that we complain about." Pretty sure he's singing about our lack of bulldog ownership -- we're working on it!

+ Watch Sleeping With Sirens' "Roger Rabbit" video.

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Photo credit: Rise Records