New Song: Brandy, 'Let Me Go'

Brandy samples Lykke Li in her new record, "Let Me Go."

The release of Brandy's forthcoming album, Two Eleven, is just under a week away (Oct. 16 to be exact), but that doesn't mean she has to stop releasing new songs to tide us over while we wait. She's such a doll, right? Brandy's already unleashed her Chris Brown-assisted "Put It Down," the sultry "Wildest Dreams," the soulful "No Such Thing As Too Late," and now she's released the Lykke Li-sampled "Let Me Go." Because adding a little Swedish pop to your R&B never hurt anybody!

Listen to Brandy's "Let Me Go" after the jump.

Like you, we never would have expected to hear Swedish pop singer Lykke Li's jam "Tonight" on Brandy's new single, but we're psyched to hear that it actually totally works! Produced by Bangladesh and written by Sean Garrett, "Let Me Go" swaps Brandy's classic R&B sound for a sparser, edgier vibe. In her deep bass tone, Brandy coos about finding her man and keeping him: "Love your cocky talk, damn your denims/ Make me wanna act like I just can’t remember/ If mama saw that side of me, she would be on Twitter, saying, ‘You know I didn’t raise you that way." OK, so what we're hearing here is...Brandy's mom is on Twitter? Woah, we're lucky that our parents only/barely understand Facebook! And we don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Never mind. Keep doing what you're doing, Brandy! We loved you in "Cinderella"!!!

+ Listen to Brandy's "Let Me Go."

Photo credit: RCA