Ooh! Early Photos Of Lady Gaga As A Go-Go Dancer! (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga wore fishnet stockings like a boss back in her go-go dancing days!

We're used to starting our conversations about Lady Gaga off with a "WHAT THE ACTUAL EFF!?!" But you know what? We're more shocked to see Mother Monster looking straight-up FOINE as a go-go dancer instead of, you know, seeing her dressed as an oven mitt. Funny how those things work. But that's just Gagaloo for ya, always keeping us on the edge of her meat-couch seat.

Just in case you thought the "Edge Of Glory" singer led a dull life before hitting it big, then please see exhibit A: photos of Gaga's days as a professional Lower East Side go-go dancer and bartender before she was famous. Even though the pics were probably leaked without Gaga's knowledge, instead of hiding them (um, we wouldn't either -- LOOK AT THOSE ABS!), she's proudly sharing them on Littlemonsters.com. She's also writing captions like "old photos of me are surfacing it seems. Here I am exotic dancing for $$$. #ItsAlongWayToTheTop #IfYouWannaRocknRoll."

Lady Gaga also shared the caption, "and here's another go-go night, i remember takin home 400 bucks feelin like a baller." Yes, you read that right, $400 IN ONE NIGHT to dance in public. While we're not going to promote following Gaga's previous career path (stay in school, kids!), we're thinking there are waaay worse ways to try to make some quick cash in this unpredictable economy... like trying to sell your Beanie Babies collection on eBay. I've been there. It's brutal.

Photo credit: Littlemonsters.com