Shakira Is Tweeting Her Pregnancy! (PHOTO)

 Shakira is with child, y'all!

Obviously, we're thrilled to death that Shakira is pregs, and now we're even more excited that she's down for sharing her baby bump progress with us via Twitter! Because we were obviously dying to see the bump, but aren't wealthy enough to hire our own professional paparazzi to follow Shakira around. And now we realize how weird and stalkerish that last part sounded, so, uh, let's move on.

As you might have already gleaned, Shakira and her FC Barcelona soccer-playing boyfriend, Gerard Piqué, are expecting their first child! The soon-to-be "Voice" judge recently tweeted a photo of her growing baby bump, along with the caption: "Now I don't have a six-pack, only one pack!! Ahora no tengo el 6 pack sino un solo pack!! Shak." Yeah, don't worry Shaki, because you're growing a mini-hip shaker in your womb and obviously that takes priority over EVERYTHING. And true, you may have temporarily lost your six pack, but it's been replaced with stunning, glowing-mommy curves, so really there's not much to worry about. And as for postbaby, we just have one word for you: PILATES. Mazels on the baby!

Photo credit: @Shakira