Star Spotting: Joe Jonas May Or May Not Be The Next Great Classical Musician (PHOTO)

Did y'all know Joe Jonas could play the violin?

 So, here's what we already knew about Joe Jonas: He loves his pups, he loves brunch, he loves the cast of Cartoon Network's "Adventure Time," he loves twitter hacking, and well... he's attractive. Here's what we didn't know about the middle Jonas Brother: He can play the violin! Or at least, attempt to.

Joe and his bros have been practicing hard for their upcoming reunion show (P.S.: ahhh!!!) and during a break from choreography practice (we're guessing), Joe whipped out a violin and attempted to play what we assume to be Beethoven's Violin Concerto in D major, opus. 61. OK, so maybe we made up the Beethoven part, but judging by Joe's face, he seems to be having a little bit of difficulty mastering the bow strokes. But not to worry! You've got your band, your judging gig on "The Next," and most importantly, your FACE to carry you through life. No violin concertos necessary, bb!

Photo credit:@YungRyFunk

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