Video Premiere: Trey Songz, 'Dive In'

 Trey Songz gets is in a steamy love triangle in his video for "Dive In."

It's always the pretty boys who get themselves into SO much trouble. Trey Songz may be too handsome for his own good, because boy clearly cannot help himself when it comes to the opposite sex. In the video for "Dive In," the latest single from his fifth album, Chapter V, Trey has something very simple to do: complete a business deal at a work colleague's home. But of course, when his colleague's beautiful wife enters the picture, Trey pretty much loses his mind. FOCUS TREY... ah eff it, there's no helping you, Trigga.

Watch Trey Songz's video for "Dive In" after the jump.

Filmed in a gorgeous Malibu estate, Trey described his motivation on set in behind-the-scenes footage: "We try to have this meeting... and my mind keeps wandering off in space and into a place of fantasy." (So basically we don't know how Trey gets through everyday life. 'Cause there are plenty of ladies perfectly willing to turn those fantasies into reality!) Well anyway, we think Trey should probably try to focus, because eventually his business colleague notices that wandering eye. We don't want to spoil the ending, but Trey should definitely keep his wits about him, and his shirt dry. Or at least scope out a plan of escape.

+ Watch Trey Songz's video for "Dive In"

+ And watch the behind-the-scenes footage from "Dive In."

 Photo credit: Atlantic Records/Trey Songz' Facebook