Christina Aguilera's 'Lotus' Album Cover Is Exactly What We Expected: STUNNING (PHOTO)

Christina Aguilera unveils her new "Lotus" album cover. We're not worthy!

We love Christina Aguilera for keeping us in the loop on everything Lotus-related. She built us up with all those photos and teasers for her "Your Body" video, and now she's released the ultimate treat: THE ACTUAL COVER TO HER LOTUS ALBUM. It just "Keeps Gettin' Better," guys!

The "X Factor" judge tweeted the official album cover along with the caption, "#LOTUS album cover. Here it is! Album out Nov 13. XoXtina." We're SO happy Xtina stayed with her pastel pink/glowing "bow-down-to-me-because-I'm-the-queen" look from her "Your Body" single cover, but we're losing it over the rest of all this new gorgeousness! Girl pretty much packed everything beautiful in the world into just one pic: a sunrise, a blooming flower, and the most impeccably conditioned hair we've ever seen.

Based on this album cover's perfection, we think it's pretty much a done deal that every song within will be set to the tune of PURE EPICNESS. (We're not exactly sure what "epicness" sounds like either, but go with it -- it's effing Christina Aguilera.)

Photo Credit:@TheRealXtina

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