Watch The Lyric Video For Christina Perri's 'Something About December' (VIDEO)

Christina Perri brings Christmas 'round early with her holiday-themed song "Something About December."

It's hard to believe we're already thinking about Christmas songs when the high today is oh, 78 degrees. But we'll do just about anything for Christina Perri, and that includes thinking about snow and Xmas lights on a borderline sweaty day. Which brings us to our next question: WHERE IS FALL? But we suppose that's a question for another time. ::Cough::Global Warming::Cough::

Watch Christina Perri's "Something About December" lyric video after the jump.

Cowritten by Christina and her brother Nick (cute!), "Something About December" is not your typical Christmas song, which is precisely why we like it so much. There's no mention of jingle bells or sounds of Rudolph's hoofs trekking through the snow -- rather, the song is a lilting piano-driven ballad (P.S. does anyone else think Christina sounds a lot like Karen Carpenter?!) that speaks not about snowmen and stockings (though there is a mention of mistletoe and a tree), but mostly about December's nostalgic feelings. "Lights around the tree/ Mama's whistling/ Take me back again/ There's something about December," Christina croons. In her own words, the "Distance" singer explains that the song "is about finding Christmas wherever you are in the world, because it lives in your heart." Look for Perri's forthcoming EP, A Very Merry Perri Christmas, when it drops Oct. 16. Now if only it would start to feel more Oct. 16 outside and not say, sweltering August.

Watch Christina Perri's "Something About December" lyric video.

Photo credit: Atlantic Records