New Video: Miguel, 'The Thrill'

Miguel parties hard in his new "The Thrill" video.

Judging by his video for "The Thrill," the only thing Miguel likes to do as much as create dope albums (see: Kaleidoscope Dream) is party. But that's cool -- we don't blame him one bit. You know we'd be doing the same thing if we could! And if you'll remember, we recently showed you Miguel's "Do You" video, which had him at a different kind of party (heh, a make-out party) with IRL ladyfriend Nazanin Mandi. Now in "The Thrill," Miguel and Nazanin are shown attending a (slightly) more typical rager.

Watch Miguel's "Do You" video after the jump.

Even though it's hard to believe that actual humans can party that hard, "The Thrill" actually consists of real footage from Nazanin's birthday soiree. In his own words, the"Adorn" singer explains, "I wanted to capture that unmistakable, unavoidable, unapologetic energy behind epic nights. This video is a wild montage of my favorite moments within a single day of celebration. Real memories created amongst real friends and real family." All that happened in a single day? I'd be fully tapped out within the hour and back up in my bed watching Ina Garten on The Food Network. Then again, that's probably why I'm not Miguel, ya know?

+ Watch Miguel's "The Thrill" video.

Photo credit: RCA