Star Spotting: Taylor Swift Has Mastered The Art Of Self-Photo Taking (PHOTO)

It's just Taylor Swift, nailing every self portrait she attempts. NBD.

There are many things in life that are considered insanely difficult: winning "The X Factor," climbing Mount Everest, trying to ween yourself off of refined carbs, etc. However, there actually might be nothing more taxing than actually taking a decent photo of yourself... by yourself! If you guys are confused by what we're saying, let's try a little experiment. Pick up your iPhone, extend your arm all the way out from your body, and try to snap a photo where you don't look like you have 12 chins. We'll wait... couldn't do it? Don't worry, we understand.

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But, if there's one person who can master this impossible skill, it's Taylor Swift. Wanna know why? Because her life is already so on point (please see HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE  and HERE, and most importantly HERE for proof) that she's not about to let a pesky skill like the self-portrait ruin her perfection streak! Yesterday afternoon, Taylor was snapped in London hanging out with fans, and nailing every single self-taken photo she attempted. Then again, the girl is 5 feet 11 inches tall and has extra-long arms, which might pose an unfair advantage? Nahhh, she's just good at everything because she's Taylor Swift.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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