Video Premiere: Meital Dohan Featuring Sean Kingston, 'On Ya'

Meital Dohan is a bedazzled base jumper in her "On Ya" video featuring Sean Kingston.

You probably already know a ton about Meital Dohan (because why wouldn't you do extensive research on a chick that looks like THIS), but just in case you've been slacking off on the job, here's the quick 411: the Israeli singer, actress, dancer, playwright, and overall hot person has been nominated for the Israeli equivalent of an Oscar (twice, but who's counting), guest starred on "Weeds," and then got naked and fought people in the video for her last single, "Yummy."  Now, Meital has hooked up with Sean Kingston (in the musical sense) for her latest record,  "On Ya." And did we mention she's gorg? Probably.

Watch Meital Dohan's "On Ya" video featuring Sean Kingston after the jump.

In Meital's "On Ya" video, she rocks a bedazzled version of Ke$ha's rainforest dominatrix get-up and/or Britney's Cleopatra moment as she base jumps from a moving plane. (Like you ever thought anyone could base jump in a bedazzled onesie!) Metial lands just in time to join her troupe of dancers for some tribal dancing, but not before she grabs one of her hot male dancers for a quick makeout sesh. Because why not? Mr. Kingston pops up shortly thereafter and whisks Metial away in his own private plane with the sole purpose of skywriting her name in the clouds. Romantic!

Is there a clear message behind this video? Maybe not, but if we had to find one, it's definitely this: always fly in a bedazzled get-up so that if your plane crashes and you're forced to jump out of it, you'll land looking totally chic! #Wordstoliveby

+ Watch Meital Dohan's "On Ya" video featuring Sean Kingston.

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