Star Spotting: Christina Aguilera Wins An Award For Fighting Global Hunger, Hillary Clinton Looks A Little Distracted (PHOTO)

Christina Aguilera poses with Hillary Clinton at the McGovern Awards -- but Hilary seems a little distracted!

We always wonder what it's like to be constantly flawless like Christina Aguilera and dealing with tons of "hollas" on the daily, but we really can't stop LOL-ing at this random photo capturing a unique moment between Christina and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton while Christina was being honored (annnd ogled!) at the McGovern Awards. Ummm, HELLO, eyes up here, Hill!

The "Voice" judge may be into showing off her bad-girl side in her latest music video for "Your Body," but we know she has a heart of gold in real life. Girl even won a McGovern Award for her dedication to fighting global hunger! As the World Food Programme Ambassador for Yum Brands, Xtina was invited to receive an award at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. But while the QUEEN OF EVERYTHING basked in the success of this very prestigious honor, it looks like she was being simultaneously idolized for two other (ahem) large successes by Mrs. Clinton herself. But we don't blame Hillary for getting distracted -- those things are like, RIGHT THERE IN HER FACE. We're just waiting for this photo to become Hillary's next big internet phenomenon like "Texts From Hillary." Guys, the captions basically write themselves!

Photo credit: Getty Images

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