New Video: Thomas Fiss, 'Chasing Satellites'

Watch Thomas Fiss'  adorable "Chasing Satellites" video.

We once admitted that we had a teensy crush on singer Thomas Fiss, and guess what? We still do! Anyway, our crush began when we premiered Thomas' "Let Go" video and now we've got his brand-new "Chasing Satellites" on tap. Did we mention his face still looks great? And yeah, the song's a hit too. But the face!

Watch Thomas Fiss' "Chasing Satellites" video after the jump.

The perfect video to accompany his high-energy dance tune, "Chasing Satellites" has Thomas and his pals in an empty field playing instruments, running amuck, and dancing and twirling like intoxicated hippies the young and beautiful people they are. For most of the clip, Thomas strums his guitar while lots of pretty blonde girls dance around him in circles. Truth be told, the video kinda makes us think of any freewheeling Summer Of Love Scene from the '60s, and it also kinda sorta definitely reminds us of the field in Rihanna's We Found Love" video... minus the mud, drugs, and strangers. We guess what we're saying here is that if you're gonna act like a hippie, you should definitely look like Thomas and his pals while you're doing it.

+ Watch Thomas Fiss' "Chasing Satellites" video.

Photo credit: Tower 16

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