New Video: The Royalty, 'I Want You'

The Royalty's Nicole Boudreau is stunning in a cool cutout dress in the new video for "I Want You."

We've heard a plenty girl-fronted indie rock groups in our day, but we've stopped dead in our tracks over The Royalty. The El Paso, Texas-based band is a fascinating find for a number of reasons, a big one being that they're probably the least punky of all of the bands on their label, Victory Records (way to take a chance on something a little different, guys!), and are best known for their subtle combination of vintage dream pop (say, Dusty Springfield meets Debbie Harry) and early aughts back-to-basics rock (see: The Strokes).

Having released their second studio album, Lovers, in May of this year, The Royalty have just unveiled the video for their new track "I Want You," and now that we've seen it, we can decidedly say that we WANT THEM TOO.

Watch The Royalty's "I Want You" video after the jump.

Playing with eye-catching multicolored lighting and D.I.Y. camera techniques, "I Want You" throws lead singer Nicole Boudreau in front of a number of background sequences, including (but not limited to) "American Bandstand"-type scenes of dancing baby boomers, black-and-white filmed trips to the beach, and even her own band (as though they themselves were the "Bandstand" performers). Pictured in a sex-ay short, tight, black cutout dress, Nicole shakes and shimmies to the beat singing, "Die tomorrow die today/ Either way we could say/ Nothing could go wrong when you are with me/ In the sky or on the ground/ as long as I have you around." Oh god, we love a good throwback video. Especially one that's created so unpretentiously! Well done, guys -- we cannot WAIT to see what you'll produce next. But till then, Nicole, can you teach us how to look that unassuming in a cutout dress? 'Cause it's working!

+ Watch The Royalty's "I Want You" video.