New Video: Cher Lloyd Featuring Becky G, 'Oath'

Cher Lloyd is a beachside bestie in her new "Oath" video.

Remember when we told you guys about "Oath," Cher Lloyd's Becky G-assisted anthem for BFFs everywhere? Well, you better call your girlfriends because the video is officially out, and you're gonna wanna watch it together (preferably on the couch eating low-fat popcorn and giving each other facials). Just try not to feel jealous of the fact that all of Cher's BFFs just happen to be superbly dressed models-esque chicks. We're not actually sure if that would bode well for some female friendships (pretty girls -- who needs 'em?), but it's still the thought that counts.

Watch Cher Lloyd's "Oath" video after the jump.

The latest single off her brand-new Sticks + Stones disc, "Oath" begins with the "Want U Back" singer sitting in detention with her pals (hey, at least her friends are there, right?). Naturally, the ladies bust out and get into some PG-rated shenanigans, some of which include frolicking on a beach, goofing around in a Laundromat (because cute!), and, of course, shopping. Sure, maybe the plotline seems a liiiittle predictable and borderline "Clueless," but that's never a bad thing, and we still give props to Cher for putting her gals in the spotlight instead of a dude. You know what they say...chicks over...well, we'll let you finish that one on your own.

Watch Cher Lloyd's "Oath" video.

Photo credit: Syco Music

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