New Video: Maximo Park, 'The Undercurrents'

Watch Maximo Park's new video for "The Undercurrents."

In their brand-new video for "The Undercurrents," British post-punk veterans Maximo Park swap a traditional stage for a makeshift one within a Berlin tram. (Cost efficient, AND eco-friendly!) In fact, they're the latest band to get creative in an unconventional space since the rise of video series like the Take-Away Shows and Black Cab Sessions, a trend that's definitely worth cheering for -- especially when it comes to the morning commute. Step up your game, L train!

Watch Maximo Park's "The Undercurrents" video after the jump.

Squeezed between the seats, the band delivers an, ahem, intimate performance shot in black-and-white footage. The slow-building song opens with glimmering guitar lines and a half-whispered vocal from singer Paul Smith, whose energy soars with the gravity of the simple yet loaded lyrics, "We both have a lot on our plate," before the tension bursts open on the major-key chorus, when Smith insists, "I won't forget love." I'm personally gutted, but at least I got a free subway performance without the subway smell!

"The Undercurrents" is the latest from The National Health, the band's fourth album, released in June on V2 Records.

+ Watch Maximo Park's "The Undercurrents" video.

Photo credit: V2 Records

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