New Song: Kid Cudi, 'King Wizard' (NSFW)

Kid Cudi declares himself officially back on the new track "King Wizard."

OK, so we already gave you a taste of Kid Cudi's new track "King Wizard" earlier this week, or rather Cudi did from his very own living room. Remember how he was so hyped about the song, he leaked it himself? Well, it didn't take long for the FULL version "King Wizard" to surface! And you better believe we'll be keeping an eye out for it on his upcoming third solo album, Indicud (no release date yet, but we'll keep you posted). Also, hail to the King (of Cleveland)!

Listen to Kid Cudi's "King Wizard" after the jump.

On the slow-bumping track, the Cudder dismisses all those who have unceremoniously taken shots at him: "I can't decide/ What if life's a lie?/ I push the lames aside/ They'll learn/ I can't ever front, know why?/ It's not my style, no lie/ They’ll never take me alive/ King Wizard." Human beings in a mob, what's a mob to a king, and so on. But really, we're so happy hear from Cudi again, and judging by some of the guests he's alluded to on Indicud (Kanye West, Jaden Smith, Pusha T, MGMT, Ratatat, and more), we've got plenty more to smile about. We bow at your throne, King Wizard.

+ Listen to Kid Cudi's "King Wizard" (lyrics NSFW).

Photo credit: Universal Republic

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