New Video: Bat For Lashes, 'All Your Gold'

Bat For Lashes lets the rhythm take control in "All Your Gold."

After unveiling the video for "Laura," in which the spook-pop songstress does a dramatic two-step with her leading man, Bat For Lashes is back with the video for "All Your Gold," the next single from her forthcoming album, The Haunted Man. We can only assume that the experimental indie singer has been bitten by the dance bug -- because guess what: She's embraced choreography yet again!

Watch Bat For Lashes' "All My Gold" video.

Shot on a rocky beach, "All Your Gold" has Bat For Lashes' Natasha Khan pulling shapes in a variety of black-and-white getups. (Look closely: The patterns on her leotards change subtly!) Throughout the clip, Natasha evokes the track's raw emotion through some intense interpretive dance. You better prepare for loads of sand writhing, dramatic hair flips and heaps of armography that would cause iconic music video interpretive dancer Kate Bush to beam with pride.

On the other hand, "All Your Gold" reminds us of Nicki Minaj's video for "Starships"! Well, minus the green wig. And the neon bikini. And, well, OK. It's not too much like Nicki Minaj's video, except for the fact that it takes place on a beach. And both video heroines do a lot of dancing. How about this instead: It's all an allusion to Madonna's video for "Cherish"!

+ Watch Bat For Lashes' "All Your Gold" video.

Photo credit: EMI