New Video: Miguel, 'Do You'

Miguel flirts with his IRL girl in "Do You."

If you haven't listened to Miguel's new disc Kaleidoscope Dream yet, then you should probably rectify that immediately! (Because it's THAT good. No lie.) While you're at it, you should probably also watch the video for Miguel's sultry slow-jam "Do You." And maybe watch it with your significant other on speed dial, because DAYUM this video is blazing hot. And did we mention the make outs?? Because kissing!

Watch Miguel's "Do You" video after the jump.

In his almost NSFW video, the "Adorn" singer and his IRL ladyfriend Nazanin Mand hit up the desert, but not before they pause to make out on basically every hard surface available to them. Or if you're looking for specifics, inside a vintage car, up against a wall, and you know, on a king size bed. (Obvs.) When Miguel and his stunning lady-panion come up for air, we're treated to some performance shots of Miguel doing his thing for a packed crowd of devoted Miguel Stans. Personally, we'd ditch the performance vignette and stick with the make out storyline, but maybe that's just our opinion. And probably the rest of the world's too. Stay smokin', bb!

+ Watch Miguel's "Do You" video.

Photo credit: RCA