Video Premiere: Ume, 'Run Wild'


Watch Austin-based outfit Ume's new video for "Run Wild."

We just realized we've never seen a horror movie in the desert. But Ume's "Run Wild" video takes us there with a spooky goth-eyed dancer emerging from the sands and hovering like a magic carpet thanks to some tricky stop-motion photography. The Austin-based indie act's latest is way less scary, a gritty rock song that balances Paramore-y riffs against singer Lauren Larson's feather-light vocals floating over the roar. If you love it (and you will!), the band's collecting cash for its next album on Kickstarter, where the D.I.Y. trio's already raised more than $12,000. Maybe they can fund-raise for Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Joshua Tree next.

+ Watch Ume's "Run Wild" video.

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Photo credit: Ume's Facebook

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