New Video: Sky Ferreira, 'Everything Is Embarrassing'

The fabulous Sky Ferreira dropped the video for "Everything Is Embarrassing," the latest from her "Ghost" EP.

Come Oct. 16, the scientifically proven free-of-all-flaws chanteuse Sky Ferreira will release Ghost, a five-track EP chock-full of killer cuts co-penned with talent such as Jon Brion, Greg Kurstin, and Garbage's Shirley Manson. But before Ghost can touch down, you'll want to watch the video for Sky's gorgeous Blood Orange-produced track, "Everything Is Embarrassing." And, shockingly enough, it's... gorgeous. (Too much?)

Watch Sky Ferreira's "Everything Is Embarrassing" video after the jump.

Watch as the "Red Lips" singer pouts and smolders her way across the city in the Grant Singer-directed clip, looking all shades of melancholy in a very '90s black leotard. And when Sky's not pouting, she's tossing her platinum blonde hair back and posing, looking very True Blue Madonna-esque in the process. You see, Sky Ferreira can brood just about anywhere: in a subway, on a rooftop, up against a tree, inside a stairwell. Just pick a place -- she can brood in it!

In full, the clip is simple, artsy, and completely in line with the song's moody vibes. Everything may very well be embarrassing, but this video certainly is not.

+ Watch Sky Ferreira's "Everything Is Embarrassing" video.

Photo credit: Capitol Records