Someone Dedicated A Shirt To Avril Lavigne And Chad Kroeger's Love! (PHOTOS)

Wish Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger "Mazel Tov" in this PERFECT "Chavril" t-shirt.

When Avril Lavigne got engaged to Nickelback's Chad Kroeger, we had the distinct feeling that the internet would crash (and perhaps never recover) from excitement. Yeah, so life's like this: Avril and Chad announce their wedding, the term "Chavril" is born, Twitter nearly explodes from the resulting hashtags (we assume), then Avril displays the WORLD'S LARGEST ROCK on her finger, then a blessed Chavril mashup surfaces, and now we can all go home, 'cause someone was so excited about Chavril's nuptials that they actually went and created a "Chavril" wedding T-shirt. AKA somebody definitely won the internet today.

See more of the Chavril wedding T-shirt after the jump.

Displaying the now-famous image of Chad spooning Avril as she shows off her boulder-size engagement ring, the "Chavril" shirt is sold by "The Chavril Boutique" (YES, REALLY) in honor of the "upcoming Canadian royal wedding." And we're pretty much going to wear it every day till then, because the shirt is sold with this fabulously apt description: "No need to make things so complicated. This premium white fitted tee goes with everything, just like a 14-karat diamond ring." We kinda wonder if Avril will want to sport this top with a tie for the bachelorette party? Or even better, if she'll wear it as her "something new" on the big day?

Photo credit: The Chavril Boutique

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