Listen To A Sneak Peek Of Kid Cudi's 'King Wizard' (NSFW)

Kid Cudi is pretty hyped about his new album -- he's leaking songs HIMSELF.

Kid Cudi is very excited, you guys. After releasing the rock-heavy collaboration album WZRD with Dot Da Genius earlier in 2012, Kid Cudi is back on his solo rap grind with the new album, Indicud, due out by the end of the year. We heard a little of what it's gonna sound like on his single "Just What I Am" (featuring fellow Ohio rapper King Chip, formerly known as Chip Tha Ripper), but now Cudi is so amped for his new record, he's literally leaking stuff from his house. Yes, this video is posted from his laptop. Dude literally can't WAIT for us to hear his new stuff!

Listen to a sneak peek of Kid Cudi's "King Wizard" after the jump.

Cudi posted "King Wizard" in vlog format (I was seriously waiting for a review of snack food or a nail tutorial) and raps in a rapid-fire style he hasn't touched in years. The woozy, electro influenced track plays while Cudi's seen nodding his head and smoking a cigarette (not the best habit, but it's better than his previous ones). But seriously, we dig the preview as well as Cudi's DIY method of delivering it to the masses. Anyone can leak a track on Twitter or send it through the "proper" channels, but Cudi wanted to send his track personally to the fans. Kinda crudely, but still! Hey, your enthusiasm is felt over here, dude.

+ Listen to a sneak peek of Kid Cudi's "King Wizard" (NSFW Lyrics).

Photo credit: Universal Republic

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