The Buzz On: G-Eazy

New Orleans-based rapper G-Eazy is about to explode. In a good way. 

If you haven't met G-Eazy yet, your day's about to get way better, because you can now say you're personally acquainted with the dapper (and totally handsome) Oakland-born, New Orleans-based rapper. As if G-Eazy's (perfectly chiseled) face weren't enough to grab your attention (we may have a little crush, if that weren't apparent), then how about the fact that he's already supported A$AP Rocky, performed at Lil Wayne's DEWeezy concert at SXSW, and even enjoyed a stint at Vans Warped Tour.

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But let's back up for a minute, shall we? How is it that a still-unsigned G has gained such a massive following? While it could be the fact that he writes and produces his own music, it could also be because his lyrics are at once poignant lyrics and chill (think: Drake). Or perhaps it's a little something called dedication -- G-Eazy has been rapping since high school when he swapped taking class notes for writing rap verses.

G-Eazy just wrapped up a tour with Hoodie Allen, and three years after releasing his first album, The Epidemic, he's dropped a brand-new disc, Must Be Nice (which he's made available to his fans for FREE). And did we mention G has already racked up a whopping 5.5 million views on YouTube? (THE HELL??!?!) And that he's already been profiled in Interview magazine, Billboard, and PureVolume? We could go on, but we think your time is best spent planning an in-home G-Eazy-themed karaoke soiree. Or maybe that's just us.

+ Listen to G-Eazy, cop a free download of his album Must Be Nice, and watch his incredible "Plastic Dreams" video.

Photo credit: G-Eazy

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