Star Spotting: Surprise! Rihanna Is Actually An Old Hollywood Actress In Disguise (PHOTO)

FYI, Rihanna's an Old Hollywood actress now.

Sure, they say celebrities are "just like us" and all that stuff, but are we really buying it? It's like -- do you truly know anyone like Rihanna? The girl that's able to snap her own Instagram photo and then end up looking like one of the most beautiful Old Hollywood actresses of all time? No, no you certainly do not.

Yesterday was probably an ordinary day for the (*ahem*) six-time MTV EMA nominee, yet she somehow managed to take the most stunning photo we've ever seen and totally act like it ain't no thang! In fact, the "Diamonds" singer tweeted her black-and-white masterpiece along with the caption "Hi." Hi? HI!?! Are you sure that's all you wanna say, Rihanna? Because if that were us, not only would we be like "GUYS, AM I NOT THE MOST GORGEOUS THING YOU'VE EVER SEEN," but we'd also throw a giant party in our picture's honor, and then mayyybe get it tattooed on our arm so we could stare at it all day. Don't judge, at least we're honest.

Photo credit: @Rihanna