2 Reasons To See 'Hotel Transylvania': Selena Gomez And Becky G

Becky G's taken over the "Hotel Transylvania" soundtrack with her "Problem (The Monster Remix)."

As if you needed another reason to see "Hotel Transylvania" (hello CARTOONS), we've got two: Selena Gomez and Becky G! Selena voices the lead character in the animated film, and Becky G just released “Problem (The Monster Remix)” feat. will.i.am, which appears on the film's soundtrack. And, bonus round! Not only does "Hotel Transylvania" come out today, but we've also got Becky G's "Problem (The Monster Remix) video ready for you to watch RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND.

Watch Becky G's “Problem (The Monster Remix)” video featuring will.i.am after the jump.

If you don't know much about the 15-year-old Becky G -- and seriously, she is a G -- singing prodigy, then we'll remind you that she costarred in Cody Simpson's "Wish You Were Here" video and plans to share the stage with him and, ahem, Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen, in October at the Staples Center. (Oddly, she kinda looks like she could be Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez's sister if the three were related, which would be SO MAJOR!) Also, if you're wondering where this li'l powerhouse came from, you can send your thanks to the state of California (Becky was and raised in the Inglewood section of Los Angeles) as well as veteran hitmaker Dr. Luke, who signed the spunky rapper to his Kemosabe label last year.

As you might expect (because why would you ever not put cartoons in stuff if given the option?) the "Problem (The Monster Remix)" video features actual footage from "Hotel Transylvania" interlaced with shots of Becky and will.i.am chilling in an abandoned mansion (obvs.) We know this is a bold statement, but "Problem (The Monster Remix)" could easily go up against a Nicki Minaj track. Seriously, L'il G's about to take over the lady rap game.

+ Watch Becky G's “Problem (The Monster Remix)” video featuring will.i.am.

Photo credit: Kemosabe/RCA