Star Spotting: Frank Ocean And Pharrell Look So Cool It's Ridiculous (PHOTO)

Sorry, but how cool are Frank Ocean and Pharrell? We are forever inferior.

We have a new bestie alert, guys! As you can plainly see by the aura of bestie-ness permeating this image, Frank Ocean and Pharrell are totally BFFs, and we're kinda dying over it. Along with the picture -- which I'm framing and hanging above my couch -- Pharrell tweeted, "Me and my brother @frank_ocean." DYING OF "AWWW" OVER HERE!

And sure, these guys are up against some stiff BFF competition what with Kanye West and Jay-Z's seasoned bromance and Katy Perry and Rihanna's GIF'd out expressions of love. But there's just something about these two that make them the clear winners in the BFF battle.

Other than existing, it's not like Frank Ocean and Pharrell did anything especially awesome right before they took this photo. It's just that they're so innately hip that you just assume they did, you know? That's not to say that releasing his sick Channel Orange album doesn't make Frank cool or being a super-producer doesn't make Pharrell cool, but there's a subtlety about the whole thing that just makes them way doper than everyone else. Own your jealousy, and move on.

Photo credit: @Pharrell