The Wanted Have The Best T-shirts EVER (PHOTO)

The Wanted shows off their cute t-shirt collection!

We know it's within the unwritten boy band bylaws to always sport a stellar wardrobe, but The Wanted have taken it to the next level with this photo of them rocking the best T-shirts EVER. Honestly, we're not sure what we love more -- these adorbz (and oh-so-nerdy) tees ORRR when they take their pants off for We Love Pop magazine. Hmm... (BTW, we obvs know it's the latter, but we're stalling so we can think about the boys' pantsless picture a bit longer.)

The "I Found You" singers recently shared a photo of their fun tee collection on Facebook along with the caption "BATMAN!!!" While we appreciate the guys indulging us with their favorite pop culture tees ("Star Wars," Batman," and a cartoony video game), we're really not all that high maintenance. There are much better ways for us to get to know each other, like say, by Tom Parker posting another shirtless photo. We're just fine with that. We learned SO much about him that day -- mostly all about his dedicated gym habits. Or, hey Tom, we could learn more about each other on a date to Forbidden Planet?? And then we'll take Max to catch a (very belated) screening of "The Dark Knight Rises"? Cool, date officially booked. (This is working, right? Oh well.)

Photo credit: The Wanted's Facebook