Star Spotting: Avril Lavigne Hangs With Chris Daughtry At Nickelback's Concert Before Her Birthday! (PHOTO)

Avril Lavigne and Chris Daughtry hang out backstage at Nickelback's concert in Germany.

We celebrate Avril Lavigne's life on the daily for a gazillion reasons: her AH-MAZING fashion sense, her IDGAF attitude, her ability to make smooching skeletons look fun -- but we're really celebrating today because it's her 28th birthday! Girl, we "Wish You Were Here" so we could hit up da club for a night of dancing. We've seen your killer moves, and know we'd be in for a real good time!

And how does this sound for a night-before-birthday outing? The "What The Hell" singer hung out with "American Idol's" Chris Daughtry (!!) at her beau's Nickelback concert in Munich, Germany, where they shared the moment on Facebook. OK, we're just gonna say it: Is there ever a day where she takes a bad picture? Like, ever? Well, birthdays pretty much mean that no bad pictures are allowed.

Anyway, we just hope Chad Kroeger has spent all day today spoiling Avril (you know, aside from that 14K Diamond engagement ring). We have some ideas: Instead of eating croissants and shopping together in France, they could do everything German style! They could slap on lederhosen, chug gigantic beers, and eat Wiener schnitzel until they burst (much like we're gonna do when we watch Heidi Klum hosting this year's MTV Europe Music Awards). And hey, that's exactly how we celebrated our last birthday (don't ask). Happy Birthday, Avril!

Photo credit: Avril Lavigne's Facebook