Ke$ha Is A Leather-Clad Wild Child On The Set Of Her 'Die Young' Video (PHOTO)

Ke$ha wears basically nothing on the set of her "Die Young" music video.

Yep, feel free to add this smokin' hot photo of Ke$ha on the set of her "Die Young" video to the list of things that will SLOWLY KILL US! We almost expired waiting for the full version of "Die Young" to drop, and now the very same thing is happening while we wait for the "Die Young" video to drop in full. Consider yourselves one step closer to revival, though, because on-set photos mean the video is being filmed!! Plus, if we can't watch the actual thing, then pics of Ke$ha in a revealing leather number will just have to do.

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We already knew Ke$ha was into wearing basically nothing these days (see: Ke$ha's Cher-esque body rope/tape on "Die Young"'s cover art), and it's looking like that no-clothes theme has continued. Unfortch, other than the professional whistler's revealing outfits, we've got basically ZERO deets on the video's plot. But if Ke$ha's nearly naked outfit means anything at all, it's that she MIGHT be playing an Amazonian princess with a mission to save the world from mass destruction. That, or a dominatrix. You be the judge!

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News