Today Is The Best Day Ever! One Direction Gets Individual Fabulous Magazine Covers (PHOTOS)


Harry Styles smolders on the cover of Britain's Fabulous Magazine. now it's no secret that we're just a SMIDGE into One Direction. In fact, we kind of thought that these 1D GIFs, and these 1D GIFs, and this GIF of Harry Styles juggling, and that one time we turned One Direction in cats guaranteed us the gold medal in the "who loves One Direction more?" Olympic Games. But as it turns out, we might be tied with Britain's Fabulous magazine, because not only did the mag feature the boys, but they gave each of them their very own cover. As in, five magazine covers to rip off and put on our bedroom ceilings, lockers, iPhones, and Facebook profiles. One for each school day, DUH.

Check out the rest of One Direction's Fabulous Magazine covers after the jump.

As you might have expected, the 2012 MTV VMAs winners in "Most Share-Worthy," "Best Pop Video," and "Best New Artist" categories look drop-dead GORG in their individual cover shots. As opposed to some of 1D's more playful shoots, this time all of the bros look brooding and sexy in their black-and-white shot. Each cover also comes tagged with a catchphrase pertaining to a piece of 1D tabloid gossip: "I like girls my own age too," reads Harry Styles' cover while Niall Horan's explains, "I'd rather go to sleep than find a girl." Well, there you have it, folks! This 100 percent wins the 2012 "best magazine cover moment." (Because we said so.) If you need us, we'll be over here sending five huge thank-you fruit baskets to the Fabulous magazine offices.


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Photo credit: Fabulous

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