Star Spotting: Demi Lovato Flashes Back To The '90s (PHOTO)

The '90s look good on Demi Lovato!

As we already know, Demi Lovato's not afraid to change up her look. She's been seen sporting everything from cotton-candy colored pink hair, to bangs, to blue-green under-the-sea-themed locks, and now, she's fully dressing like a grunge kid from the '90s! (I mean, we know she's had some time to perfect her look, what with her Seattle-themed getup from a few weeks back!) But can we just talk for a second about how Demi was 1 YEAR OLD when Nirvana's (the godfathers of grunge) Nevermind came out?! We don't wanna talk about it, but we're gonna talk about it.

Yesterday, the "Mean Stinks" advocate tweeted a photo of her '90s moment along with the caption "Can you guess tell I'm obsessed with the '90s right now??" Why yes! Yes we can! In fact, Demi's grunge situation totally makes us want to (a) camp out at Sub Pop, (b) binge on Jane's Addiction, Stone Temple Pilots, Hole, Smashing Pumpkins, Bush, Soundgarden (new Soundgarden album coming out in November, by the way!) Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains all day, and (c) see what became of our wallet chains. Actually, know what? Nevermind on that wallet chain. Some things are best left in the '90s.

Photo credit: @ddlovato