New Song: Dawn Richard, '86'

Dawn Richard unleashes the sultry track "86" from the upcoming album "GoldenHeart."

Dawn Richard is a phoenix, you guys. Meaning, she's the kind of lady who no matter what will always rise above the hard times looking more FABULOUS than before. After departing from Diddy-Dirty Money earlier this year, Dawn went solo with her Armor On EP (which got major rotation over here, BTW). Now, Richard is gearing up to release her debut full-length album, the aptly named GoldenHeart (due Oct. 16). "86," the first track from the collection, is a future-sexy jam that shows that you OBVS can't keep a good girl down. We're glad you stuck around, Dawn.

Listen to Dawn Richard's "86" after the jump.

On "86," we get a major '80s vibe -- in fact, Dawn even told Interview magazine that she drew inspiration from "Prince, Genesis, Cyndi [Lauper], Peter Gabriel, and Phil Collins" for GoldenHeart. Showcasing emotional, almost moody, coos over a synth bump, Dawn sings, "But I can't run away from love/ I can't front, you're the one." We don't know who this dude is, but we think he oughta hold on to Dawn for as long as possible. Because she's clearly got a heart of gold. (UGH, sorry guys!)

+ Listen to Dawn Richard's "86."

Photo credit: OurDawnEntertainment