Christina Aguilera Loves 'Em And Leaves 'Em In A New Clip From 'Your Body' (VIDEO)

Christina Aguilera releases another teaser from her "Your Body" music video -- AND WE LOVE IT!

Christina Aguilera has become a tyrant of tease when it comes to her "Your Body" music video, and we ain't mad about it. We've already been flipping out over the variety of bad-girl scenarios caught in photos and in a previous behind-the-scenes clip (um, where she blows up a car in heels), but now we are pretty much losing it over the latest teaser where she's looking GORG and sensuously canoodling with a hot dude in a car. OBVS ALERT: This video is gonna be effing epic.

Watch Christina Aguilera's new "Your Body" teaser after the jump.

In the new short teaser from the music video (directed by Melina Matsoukas), "The Voice" judge is captured getting cozy with some Grade-A hunk in a car parked in a desert. Quick instances catch the pair kissing, then falling asleep -- but don't be fooled by Christina's softer side, 'cause once girl wakes up, she flashes a "my job is done here" look and ditches the bro! While the rest of us would have had a hard time leaving a dude that rocks aviators that well, clearly Christina has waaay more important things to accomplish... like remind us that she owns the world, and we're all here for the ride.

+ Watch Christina Aguilera's new teaser from her "Your Body" music video.