New Song: Rihanna, 'Diamonds'

Listen to Rihanna's brand-new single "Diamonds."

We think it's safe to say that Rihanna's having QUITE a year. In addition to giving a smashing opening performance at the 2012 MTV VMAs, being nominated for SIX MTV EMA awards, becoming BFFs with Katy Perry, effortlessly rocking a grill, and generally being a sexy kitten, Rihanna has JUST released a brand-new (and much-anticipated) single, "Diamonds," to appear on her upcoming seventh full-length effort, which is slated to drop this November. So, how are we enjoying Rih's new single? Well, DUH. We think it SPARKLES. (Er, too easy? Hey, it's early.)

Listen to Rihanna's "Diamonds" after the jump.

Produced by Stargate, the same team that helped prepare "Don't Stop the Music," "Rude Boy" and "Only Girl (In the World)," "Diamonds" takes things down a notch after such club-ready bangers as "We Found Love," and "Cockiness." Staying true to her word that this track's sound would be "laid-back" and "hopeful," "Diamonds" is a drowsier song that goes the extra mile to showcase Rihanna's vocals while embracing a slow 'n' steady dub-ish beat. Rihanna sings about a special someone: "Find light in the beautiful sea/ I chose to be happy/ You and I, you and I/ We're like diamonds in the sky," before flowing into the chorus, "So shine bright tonight, you and I/ We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky/ Eye to eye, so alive/ We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky." Aw, we feel like we're resting in a hammock! And we'd just like to go on the record that we're fully in favor of this slowed-down sound -- 'cause the more "hippy and happy" Rihanna is, the happier we are. 'Cause we're the caring blog!

+Listen to Rihanna's "Diamonds."

Photo credit: Def Jam