Song Premiere: All Time Low, 'Outlines'

All Time Low's "Outlines" is gonna make you wanna live like a legend!

We're sure the All Time Low dudes are sweet and all, but we'd serrrrriously appreciate it if they'd just release their forthcoming Don't Panic album early rather than releasing song after song after song! And don't get us wrong -- song after song is way better than no songs at all, but still -- we're basically about to lose it with all this waiting. If you've lost track, we'll remind you that so far we've already heard the full version of "For Baltimore," watched a cheeky lyric video for "Somewhere In Neverland," and now ATL has released the full-length version of their latest tune, "Outlines."

Listen to All Time Low's "Outlines" after the jump.

Cowritten with Patrick Stump (no biggie, just the lead singer and guitarist of Fall Out Boy) and featuring Jason Vena of Acceptance, "Outlines" is the kind of rock jam that makes you want to drive with the top down, and then, cough, make out with someone: "I'm just a moment/ so don't let me pass you by/ We could be a story in the morning/ But we'll be a legend tonight." You know what? I think ATL is on to something here...because I can't tell you how many times I've woken up feeling guilty that I didn't rage harder the night before. Honestly, does being on time for my Pilates class really outweigh being a legend the night before? NOPE.

Listen to All Time Low's "Outlines."

Photo credit: Meghan Thompson