Star Spotting: Gwen Stefani Is A Human Chessboard (PHOTO)

Wanna play chess on Gwen Stefani's coat? You can!

We love multitasking, and we really love Gwen Stefani! Put those two things together and you've basically created our dream human. But what does the No Doubt frontwoman have to do with multitasking, you ask? Well, we could start by reminding you that she's a mother, a pop star, and a clothing designer, but she's got a few other tricks up her sleeve courtesy of some amazing outerwear!

The "Easy" singer was snapped arriving in London yesterday, and guess what? Her black-and-white checkered coat could also double as an impromptu chessboard. Multitasking! Aside from her coat being a bold fashion statement, we're also kinda like, "what if Gwen was jet-setting with her family and her flight got delayed?" All she has to do is lay her coat flat on the ground and shazam! A chessboard awaits. You could also maybe play tic-tac-toe, but writing on a (presumably) expensive jacket might not be Gwen's idea of a good time. Or it might be. Never know!

Photo credit: Splash News