Whoa. Demi Lovato’s Blue-Green Hair TOTALLY WORKS On Her! (PHOTO)

Demi Lovato is totally werquing her blue-green hair!

As you may know by now, Demi Lovato's not the kind of girl who panics about trimming her split ends at the hair salon (i.e. US). Nope, Demi is totally fearless when it comes to hairstyles -- in recent months, she's rocked everything from Lady Gaga look-alike blonde hair to cotton-candy colored pink locks, to bangs, and now a totally bold, blue-green-under-the-sea-inspired look! And guess what? IT'S WERQING! Big time.

Demi and her mermaid-y blue-green locks recently stopped by Katie Couric's "Katie" show where she performed and sat down with Katie to candidly discuss her eating disorder. And yes, while this is a crucially important subject, it wouldn't be totally superficial of us to acknowledge just HOW HARD that blue-green hair is working on Demi, would it? Also, as a totally unrelated, but equally crucial aside, can we just mention that we were a tad too jealous that the "X Factor" judge got to sleep in the Barbie suite at the Palms in Las Vegas!? Between the pink hotel and her new blue-green hair, Demi is slowly but surely checking off all the colors of the rainbow in just one week.

Photo credit: “Katie” via WENN