New Song: Frank Ocean, 'Blue Whale' (NSFW)

Frank Ocean raps (not sings!) his way through "Blue Whale."

It shouldn't be a surprise that we're completely and utterly obsessed with Frank Ocean (hello, he KILLED it at the 2012 MTV VMAs with that minimalist performance of "Thinkin Bout You"), which means that we'll totally support him even when when he debuts a brand-new track that, get this, DOESN'T EVEN FEATURE HIM SINGING. No vocals, no pipes, not one bit!

Listen to Frank Ocean's "Blue Whale" after the jump.

Frank's new track is called "Blue Whale," which he debuted via his Tumblr page. And though the song does not feature Frank's smoooooth vocal range, it certainly didn't leave out Frank's trademark introspective and poignant lyrics: "If I ever have a daughter, I wonder what I could call her/ Nine months after I f*** on the beach, I guess I call her karma.../Life goes on pimpin', the wise don't doubt it." Would we want the channel ORANGE mastermind to ditch singing all together? Please no. And we'd never fully recover if he did. But we're completely in favor of trying new things -- so by all means, Frank, work that creative muscle! (But also, sing us another song soon.)

+ Listen to Frank Ocean's "Blue Whale."

Photo credit: Island Def Jam