New Video: Green Day, 'Stay The Night'

Billie Joe & Co. plead for a girl to come home with them in "Stay The Night."

Green Day have had a very busy week (thankyouverymuch). The pop-punk band released their ninth studio album, ¡Uno!, this week, and despite the news of frontman Billie Joe Armstrong seeking treatment for (alleged) substance abuse, the band continues to soldier on with a number of TV appearances. They also dropped a video for their latest single, "Stay The Night," an anthemic shout-along in which Billie Joe just wants to go home with someone special. Seeing as how he's an enormous rock superstar, we're fairly sure he won't have too much trouble finding SOMEONE.

Watch Green Day's "Stay The Night" video after the jump.

In the performance-heavy clip (which bares a resemblance to their recent clip for "Nuclear Family"), we see the boys rocking out on a soundstage, lyrically begging a girl to take them home. "I got to know if you're the one that got away/ Even though it was never meant to be." Oh, Billie Joe, ever the hopeless romantic. The bare-bones song is a part of the overall back-to-basics theme of ¡Uno!, which the band has said is inspired by rock-and-roll legends like The Ramones, The Beatles, and honestly, very early Green Day. Trust, we are DEF OK with that, Green Day,... but we'll have to think about going home with you. How could you think we're that type of blog?!

+ Watch Green Day's "Stay The Night" video.

Photo credit: WMG