Lana Del Rey, Dragonette, Kylie Minogue + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

It's Tuesday! Time for another round of "5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week"!

Apparently, every pop princess in the building decided to hold a conference and release a track on the same day! As a result, we've got something special from pop's most divisive throwback chanteuse, the long-awaited return of the Queen from Down Under, a sugary-sweet sampling from a certain Canadian super-starlet, and for a little extra zest, two killer offerings from female-fronted rock troupes.

1.) Lana Del Rey, "Ride"

After serving up 2012's greatest record (according to me, anyway!) all the way back in January, stunning soul-pop singer Lana Del Rey is back for a second round of nostalgic bliss on "Ride," the lead single from her upcoming Born To Die: The Paradise Edition re-release. Produced by industry titan Rick Rubin, the slow-building triumph finds the brooding beauty hitting the dusty trail to clear her mind, resulting in one of her most majestic moments yet: "I drive fast/ I am alone in the night," she quivers, serving up some country drawl realness. (Is anyone else hearing shades of Brandon Flowers? Duet please!) It's a gorgeous conclusion to the Born To Die saga, as the throwback diva takes off on her own. "I just ride," the singer dreamily croons on repeat as the chorus fades away. Heaven is truly a place on Earth with you, Miss Lana.


2.) Kylie Minogue, "Flower"

No pop princess is more giving than Kylie Minogue, who's spent the entire year celebrating her 25th anniversary in the industry in style by showering fans with dozens of glittery goodies -- from singles, to an upcoming acoustic album, to an entire mini-tour. "Flower," Kylie's brand-new release, is the latest installment in the "K25" celebration. The song was actually written well over five years ago and Kylie performed it on her KylieX2008 tour. It became an instant fan favorite, though remained unreleased... up until now. One of Kylie's most vulnerable moments in years, "Flower" has the disco diva contemplating the child she never had. "In a while, my flower/ somewhere in a desert haze/I know one day you'll amaze me," she coos. At last, the gorgeous ballad finally sees the light of day.


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3.) No Doubt, "Easy""

It's been 11 years since No Doubt's last studio album, but this week, the ska-infused rock troupe have finally returned with their new record, Push and Shove. So how will the group celebrate? "I'm going to take it easy/ I'm not gonna do a thing," the ever-fabulous Gwen Stefani declares on "Easy," one of the standouts on their long-awaited 2012 effort. Well, if you insist, Miss Gwen! Complemented by gorgeous swells of strings and chilly stings of synthesizers, the power ballad brings the best of Miss Stefani's slower solo work (see: "Cool" and "4 In The Morning") to mind. So get it while it's good, people.


4.) Dragonette, "My Legs"

Three years after their raucous Fixin To Thrill, Canadian electro-pop-rock outfit Dragonette have returned at last with Bodyparts. Of the many sparkling, synth-pop ditties, there's a particular standout in the mix: "My Legs." Unfortunately for lead songstress Martina Sorbara, it seems she's come down with a serious affliction. Try as she might, she just can't seem to control her legs! "I can't stop my legs/ My legs go out dancin'," Martina wails above the song's crunchy electro stomp. Thrashing around, pulling up her socks, and hitting the town once again as the beats blast into the speakers -- this one's bound to be a guaranteed showstopper in concert. (Just try not to think too much about how your body will feel the morning after.)


5.) Carly Rae Jepsen, "Melt With You"

She may have delivered an incredible major-label debut last week, but Carly Rae Jepsen's not done serving up more killer cuts from Kiss. "Melt With You" is one of the many bonus tracks from Miss Jepsen's new record, which is only available on the Japanese edition of the disc. But through the magic of the interwebz, the rest of the world can finally hear the stellar new track! "If I could melt with you, I would/ And find our way back to good/ Tell the world to wait outside," Carly declares on the song's soaring, nearly a cappella chorus. As with the rest of Kiss, the track is yet another bout of shimmering power-pop, as Carly pours her heart out above a surging electro-pop pulse (and vaguely dub-laden beats?) So listen, maybe!


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