Star Spotting: Cher Lloyd Is A Beachside Goddess (PHOTO)

Cher Lloyd is probably playing a beachside goddess in her forthcoming "Oath" video.

Cher Lloyd's been having a SICK week, guys. First, her new pooch out-cutes both Miley Cyrus' gaggle of dogs as well as Joe Jonas' adorable pups, and then she quite literally looks like Cleopatra AND a bikini-clad goddess while filming her forthcoming video, "Oath." And also, HER HOT BODY! (Which is definitely another good thing on her list.) You on an egg-white only diet or what, girl??

See more beachy photos of Cher Lloyd on the set of her "Oath" video after the jump.

MTV's Posted artist for September, Cher hit the L.A. coast to film the beachside scenes for "Oath." While we're unsure of the full plot, we can basically guarantee that one storyline will include dramatically fainting after getting a glimpse of Cher in her pink, retro bikini. There may or may not also be some kind of interpretive modern dance, but it's no surprise that we're actually totally down for that too.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News