Star Spotting: Is One Direction REALLY This Perfect, Or Were They Replaced By Mannequins?! (PHOTOS)

One Direction are photographed looking FLAWLESS in front of a gazillion screaming fans in Germany.

In case you've been losing sleep wondering if One Direction are seriously as good-looking IRL as all of their photos make them out to be (just us?), then scope out these recent photos of the guys chilling with no magical filters or fancy-pants studio lighting tricks. It's just five dudes, casually posing, looking DROP-DEAD DAPPER in all-natural lighting! BREAKING NEWS: Flawless boy band skin complexions under harsh sunlight are just as beautifully hypnotizing as watching Harry Styles juggle.

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These are 1D mannequins, right?! How are they always so handsome!?

The "Live While We're Young" singers were snapped in front of a gazillion screaming fans in Cologne, Germany, where they held a press conference and signed autographs. All we have to say is that those Germans must have felt STRAIGHT-UP duped because those are clearly 1D mannequins, right?! BECAUSE NO ONE LOOKS THAT GOOD ALL THE TIME! JK, it's really them -- but we're just putting it out there that we're VERY willing to pinch each and every one of those lads' cheeks (location TBD) to thoroughly investigate if they are the real singers, you know, for journalistic proof. (It's really hard being this devoted to our job, but someone's got to do it.)

Photo credit: Patrick Hoffman/WENN