New Video: Deion Gill, 'One Girl'

Don't sleep on Deon Gill's "One Girl" video, guys.

Meet Deion Gill. At only 16, the Boston boy's already got the co-sign of Boi-1da, one of hip-hop's biggest producers, known for his work with huge names like Drake, Eminem, G-Unit, and Nas. And as you may have suspected, when Boi-1Da gets involved with anything, it's clearly legit. (Please recall: Drake's "Best I Ever Had.") So, based on Boi-1da's pedigree, Deion's "One Girl" video, and our Spidey sense, Deion's probably about to blow the eff UP.

Watch Deion Gill's "One Girl" video after the jump.

In the "One Girl" video, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at Deion's recording and producing process. The bb Bieber sings his little heart out in the vocal booth, futzes with nobs and buttons in the studio, and of course, melts hearts and brains while crooning: "You're the only one/ Of all the girls all the girls all the girls across the world/ I just need one girl." Yep, we've got a heartthrob on our hands, y'all! Lock up your daughters, dads! (Or at least make sure they've got a chaperone...)

+ Watch Deion Gill's "One Girl" video.

Photo credit: Deion Gill