Pink And No Doubt Duet On 'Just A Girl' At iHeartRadio Music Festival (VIDEO)

Pink and No Doubt duet onstage at iHeartRadio Music Festival!

We don't wanna say that Pink and No Doubt duetting on "Just A Girl" has totally made our life, but Pink and Gwen duetting on "Just A Girl" has totally MADE OUR LIFE! (And we thought our lives had already been made what with No Doubt releasing "Push And Shove," their first album in more than a decade.) Pink and Gwen Stefani were both performers at this past weekend's iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, where the two blonde pop singers tackled Gwen's 1995 hit.

Watch Pink and No Doubt sing "Just A Girl" after the jump.

As the duo took the stage, Gwen nailed the first verse, and Pink demolished the second (as only Pink would), but the performance really got going when the two blondies harmonized toward the end. Not only were we left feeling like Pink and Gwen had just formed a badass, blondes-only all-girl group, but we were also left to ponder life's more perplexing riddles, like "WTF! Which one of these gals is more buff?" and "how is it humanly possible that both of these ladies ARE MOMS?" Because in case you'd forgotten, both Pink and Gwen have recently given birth to at least one tiny human, yet they basically look like teenagers. Nothing makes sense in the world, but if these two ladies can look THAT great onstage postbaby, then there's hope for all of us! We also think it's time to rewatch the opening scene to "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion." Because what if THAT happens next?

+ Watch Pink and No Doubt sing "Just A Girl." 

Photo credit: Getty Images